Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm a Twit

Today, I did something that I had sworn never to do... I created a Twitter account.

Twitter is a fad that all the kids are doing, right? That's what I always believed, and I didn't have one because I am not a kid! Yet as the time passes, I see that Twitter is only gaining steam, along with Facebook. For Pete's sake, the news programs and financial shows that I watch have Twitter and Facebook icons by their news crawls! So, reluctantly and with a heavy heart, I typed the URL into  my browser.

Within no time, I had an account all set up. Personalized photos and backgrounds were downloaded and implemented. It didn't take long to even link up with my iPhone so now I can tweet on the go. I searched news feeds and programs and local establishments for which I soon began to "follow". It was going great! There was only one problem... no one was following me!

Now, granted, I had only just set up the account mere moments ago. I hadn't reached out to friends and family yet, but what a depressing sight to keep clicking back to my page and seeing "No Followers". I began to feel a bit lonely.

My isolation would soon be over! To my surprise I clicked to find I had a follower! My first one! Who could this be?


It wasn't a friend, or someone wanting to become friends. It wasn't someone following me because I was following them. It wasn't even a distant acquaintance. No, it wasn't a person at all... it was a solicitation!

Well, dear readers, I had never been so happy to be solicited in all my life. I had a follower.

Which brings me to the subject of today's blog entry. No Real Estate news today... I am going to make a solicitation of my own. I would like you to follow me on Twitter. It would mean so much to me. I am hoping that Rochesterians will benefit from both my blog and the quick updates on Twitter, so if you could pass this along to your friends as well, I would appreciate it! If you do, shoot me a message saying that you are a reader of "Rochester Real Estate for Real"! You can find me @MikeSellsRoc. (Is that how you do it? HA! I'm still learning this new lingo!)

Thanks Gang! Roc and Roll

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